New Back Cover Blurb

Just in time for submission to the Copyright Office:

WAVES Lt. Livvy Delacourt is combing war-torn Great Britain for her family grimoire, an ancient book of protection spells. Inherited clairvoyant gifts might enable Livvy to use these spells to defend her Philadelphia headquarters from relentless paranormal attacks by Hitler’s cadre of sorcerers.

At Livvy’s side is Naval Commander Trey Drew. Trey’s mission is to keep his lead psychic and the book safe, but growing feelings for Livvy may be distracting him. Can he even determine where the actual threat is coming from?

With Livvy’s paranormal talents and Trey’s practicality, the duo has proven a powerful team in fighting magical threats. But, can they rescue the grimoire and protect one another from the most nefarious opponents they have ever faced?

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