The Latest–An EXPECT BETRAYAL Press Release

San Leandro Novelist Releases Seventh Novel on April 18, 2020

In it, U.S. psychics match wits with WWII Nazi spies

E-Books 1 of this series on sale for 99cents until 4/18/20

San Leandro, CA— San Leandro novelist, JoAnn Smith Ainsworth, will release her seventh novel, a paranormal suspense entitled Expect Betrayal (e-book ISBN:  9781393579403), on April 18, 2020. In it, the U.S. government recruits psychics during WWII to hunt down Nazi spies. Ms. Ainsworth was a child during the 1940’s. Her wartime memories add poignancy to the novel, as well as adding authenticity of settings and times.

Expect Betrayal takes place in Great Britain where the clairvoyant team leader for the psychics is searching for a relative evacuated because of the Blitz. The European cousin is custodian of the family’s The Book of Cures, which ancient manuscript contains spells and charms believed able to protect their Philadelphia headquarters from Nazi occult attacks. This is the third book in this Operation Delphi series.

Ana Manwaring, mystery author and reviewer, says “Ainsworth develops a suspense filled, historically steeped race against time and evil…she gives a riveting story of espionage and treachery set in an era of polite national determination.”

EXPECT TROUBLE e-book is now on sale for 99 cents and the EXPECT DECEPTION e-book is $1.99 until April 18.

Awards won by this series:

Expect Trouble, Book 1 (ISBN:  978-1-48356-196-7), Semi-finalist, East Texas Writers Guild’s First Chapter Contest and Runner-up for Shelf Unbound Award.

Expect Deception, Book 2 (print ISBN: 978-1-63152-060-0, ebook ISBN 978-1-63152-061-7, audio ISBN:  978-0-99874-901-3). Awards:  Finalist, 2016 Best Book Awards, Mystery/Suspense category; Finalist, 2016 East Texas Writers Guild first chapter contest.

Ms. Ainsworth is a member of Sisters in Crime—Northern California, Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn., and California Writers Club. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She has an M.A.T. from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her M.B.A. studies from Pepperdine University.

To learn more, visit or Twitter @JoAnnAinsworth or her Facebook JoAnnSmithAinsworthAuthor Fan Page.

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EXPECT TROUBLE E-book is 99 cents until 4/18!

and the EXPECT DECEPTION e-book is $1.99.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. This sale is to introduce new readers to the Operation Delphi series wherein the U.S. government recruits psychics to hunt down Nazi spies during WWII. 

EXPECT BETRAYAL – Book 3 e-book of this award winning series – releases on April 18.

TELL others you know who enjoy gripping suspense in authentic historical settings, wrapped in other worldly experiences, with the fast pace of a thriller, but the feel of a cozy.

The Expect Betrayal e-book is now on pre-order:

Expect Betrayal Cover
Expect Betrayal Cover

A college friend offers advice on surviving in war-torn England to the naval commander overseeing the U.S. psychic team and to its team leader (a U.S. WAVES clairvoyant) while they search for her family’s grimoire, The Book of Cures. It contains spells and charms to protect their Philadelphia headquarters from further Nazi occult attacks. But the friend is the very man assigned by the Fatherland to spy on them and to put a bullet between their eyes once he gets his hands on this grimoire that Hitler covets and needs to fight the war.

  • ISBN: 9781393579403

Release date April 18, 2020. Pre-Order e-book at

Listen Up! Expect Trouble is an audio book!

My award winning paranormal suspense novel, Expect Trouble, has released as an audio book (Digital ISBN: 9780998749013  / Digital Library ISBN: 9780998749020 ). In it, the U.S. government recruits psychics to find Nazi spies during WWII.

The audio book was narrated by Pro Audio Voices and is available via Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Hoopla and OverDrive for libraries, and other audio book sites and book clubs.

Here’s a sample bite

   Expect Trouble audio book media release (PDF)

Kathy Nester (Penny for My Thoughts) Review

Ainsworth has crafted a fascinating series that drew me right in and kept me enthralled. Having grown up in Philadelphia, the landmarks are familiar and I found myself researching some of the tactics used by the enemy to see if the Third Reich recruited psychics and dark magic. I reached out  to the author for more information and received this background from her publicist: Nazis and the Occult. By using search terms “Nazi and occultism” I am able to find other articles that seem to reference similar information, Nazi Occultism. This series is inventive, creative and a unique glimpse into the home front during World War II. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


“If you like the British series The Bletchley Circle, you will enjoy this book!” –Patricia Simpson, Author

“This talented author strategically and skillfully takes the reader on a trip that will stay with them for a very long time. What a treasure!” –Lauren Calder, Affaire de Coeur Magazine review