Out of the Dark

Out Of The Dark
Note: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. went out of business February 2017 and removed this novel from sale (except Amazon sells used print copies). I reissued it as an e-book January 2019 (ISBN9781386717690 (Digital)).

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Blinded—she by nature, he by loyalty

As a blind woman seen as a flawed commodity, Lady Lynnet is used to the idea that she’s unlovable. But her parents’ plan to force her into a loveless marriage is too much. Wandering, upset and lost in the cellars of the King’s castle, the darkness doesn’t frighten her, but the murder plot she overhears chills her to the bone. Worse, no one believes her, and the only one she can turn to is a Norman sheriff whose voice sounds disturbingly like one of the conspirators.

Basil, Sheriff of London, is battle-hardened, fiercely loyal—and torn apart. He’s falling in love with the Saxon beauty, and he longs to show her she is worthy of love despite her physical limitation.

But the very corruption she is helping him root out may implicate his own half brother. How can he turn his back on family—for an Anglo-Saxon woman?

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What people are saying

“I enjoyed OUT OF THE DARK. I especially found the relationship between the tough mother and the intellectual father intriguing.” —KIMBER CHIN, ENDURING ROMANCE

“An interesting book. Lynett is not made out to be a weakling despite her blindness.” —Joyfully Reviewed