Expect Betrayal

Expect Betrayal Cover
Expect Betrayal by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
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ISBN (print): 978-1-39303-469-8
ISBN (e-book):   978-1-39357-940-3

E-book released April 18, 2020, from  Draft2Digital
P-book released June 9, 2020

This is the third book in the award winning Operation Delphi paranormal suspense series.

A college friend offers advice on surviving in war-torn England to the naval commander overseeing the U.S. psychic team and to its team leader (a U.S. WAVES clairvoyant) while they search for her family’s grimoire, The Book of Cures. It contains spells and charms to protect their Philadelphia headquarters from further Nazi occult attacks. But the friend is the very man assigned by the Fatherland to spy on them and to put a bullet between their eyes once he gets his hands on this grimoire that Hitler covets and needs to fight the war.

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  • Affair de Coeur Magazine
  • “…the author blends the love story with the paranormal mystery, resulting in a thoroughly wonderful page-turner.” Carolina Montague, author of Forever Green, Forever Hunted, Forever Endangered
  • “In straightforward language, with well chosen details and not a trace of sentimentalism (okay, Livvy and Trey have soft spots for each other, but they’ve been friends since childhood) Ainsworth develops a suspense-filled, historically steeped race against time and evil.” Ana Manwaring, author, Set Up: Secrets and Lies in Zihuatanejo

What people are saying…

Ainsworth develops a suspense filled, historically steeped race against time and evil….Ainsworth certainly makes the job of psychic sound exciting, and for readers of WWII novels, she gives a riveting story of espionage and treachery set in an era of polite national determination. —Ana Manwaring, mystery author and reviewer

The story is very fast-paced suspense with plenty of twists and turns! Hard to stop reading!—Elizabeth Ubrig, reviewer

…novel was well-paced and action-oriented, which was a delight to read.—Charles Steiner, reviewer

I loved it! You’re true to your style. –Amelia Akiyama, fan club founder