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Information about JoAnn

Quick Facts

  •  When the economic downturn affected business and JoAnn was laid off as a database administrator, she resurrected a life-long desire to write, and landed her first publishing deal with Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
  • JoAnn grew up with paternal grandparents born in the 1890’s, making creating historical novels a logical choice.
  • JoAnn has a Masters in Teaching English from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her M.B.A. studies from Pepperdine University. Her B.A. from University of California, Berkeley was a double major of English and Social Sciences.

Also, read About JoAnn or short bio (RTF), or visit the FAQs for more information about JoAnn. Press releases, articles and interviews can be found on the Media page at JoAnn in the Media.

Publicity Photos

JoAnn appreciates your requests for photographs for press use. Click on the jpg above and save the file to download for press use. Permission granted by photographer, Clay McLachlan. Please let us know where you post your article so we can link to it.

Book Reviews

Reviews can be found on book pages; you may need to scroll down a bit.


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