Expect Trouble

Expect Trouble Cover Screenshot Released April 20, 2016, from BookBaby     Semi-Finalist Award   Shelf Unbound Runner-Up Award
ISBN (print): 978-1-61009-074-2
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-61009-517-4

Award winning paranormal suspense novel, Expect Trouble, has released as an audio book (Digital ISBN: 9780998749013  / Digital Library ISBN: 9780998749020 ). In it, the U.S. government recruits psychics to find Nazi spies during WWII. The audio book was narrated by Pro Audio Voices and is available via Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Hoopla and OverDrive for libraries, and other audio book sites and book clubs.

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Read an excerpt (RTF) (Word) from this award winning paranormal thriller!

The first book in the Operation Delphi paranormal suspense series

Opening herself to ridicule by revealing she’s clairvoyant is the last thing U.S. WAVE Livvy Delacourt wants, but when Uncle Sam needs her skill to track Nazi spies, she jumps in with both feet.

Join this emotional journey through paranormal realms of fast-paced suspense and supernatural battles as U.S. Navy psychics pit themselves against their Nazi counterparts.


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What people are saying

If you like the British series The Bletchley Circle, you will enjoy this book! Patricia Simpson, Author

This talented author strategically and skillfully takes the reader on a trip that will stay with them for a very long time. What a treasure! Lauren Calder, Affaire de Coeur Magazine

Immediately addictive. W. Joseph Stegner, Poet

Ms. Ainsworth tells this story in an easy manner and keeps you asking for more. Melanie Adkins,
Book Reviewer