Expect Obsession


The fourth book in the Operation Delphi paranormal suspense series:

She’s in charge and in over her head. With her team under threat, can one young WWII psychic agent get the job done and keep them all from death?

Philadelphia, 1943. Isadora “Izzy” Turgenev is stressed by the knowledge that everyone’s safety is riding on her young shoulders. A member of a top-secret, Allied paranormal project, the eighteen-year-old crystal ball reader longs to prove she can protect her co-workers while their supervisor is absent. Her task of providing the main defense against mind control and occult spells gets harder when she unwittingly allows a murderous Nazi spy into their ranks.

Struggling to work with a prickly temp secretary and (unknown) Nazi, Izzy strives to maintain order after the niece of a black arts wizard arrives at their facility seeking shelter. Even her years of training might not be shield enough as the enemy’s covert mission suddenly turns into a deadly plot for revenge.

Can Izzy overcome her doubts and stop her command from going down in flames?

Expect Obsession is the gripping fourth book in the Operation Delphi series of supernatural thrillers. If you like riveting intrigue, nail-biting suspense, and authentic historical settings, then you’ll love this fast-paced tale.

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